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Deals n Promotions Package Included:

A Promotion is an incentive for a consumer to make a buying decision sooner rather than later, or to choose a specific product or seller rather than a competing one. Along with Product, Price Distribution, Promotion is one of the four pillars of marketing. For a promotion to be effective, the consumer must know about it, and the promotion must offer sufficient value to influence the consumer’s choice favorably. Eligibility : Every Seller.

A Lightning Deal is a time-bound, promotional offer where an item is featured for a limited number of hours, usually 4 to 6 hours (as determined by Amazon), on the Amazon Deals page. Featuring an item as a Lightning Deal may help increase sales and it may also be an effective way to reduce your inventory. Currently, only FBA sellers are eligible to run Lightning Deals

What we do:

  • Create appropriate Promotions after discussing with you and will be maintained on regular basis.
  • Provide best possible suggestions for the type of promotions according to your account status, product category and competitor.
  • Regular checking lightening deals if eligible products will be seen, will give you further insight and then accordingly decision can be taken for deals.
  • Regular checking notifications/policy warnings if received will intimate you via Email / Phone call.
  • Checking Amazon Selling Coach and will intimate best possible decision to get sales.
  • Increasing visibility / sessions / page views using research.

What results expected:

Better search results which will lead increasing in Sessions / Page views / Conversion rate/winning buy box and eligibility towards Sponsored ad and finally sales boost.


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